Android Operating System

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Android OS primarily targeting mobile devices with touchscreen is based on Linux- based operating system. It is currently very popular among smartphones and mobile tablet computers It has been distributed by Google in collaboration with the Open
Handset Alliance. Open Handset Alliance is a consortium of 86 hardware, software and telecommunication companies devoted to open standards for mobile devices and smart tablet computers.

Android, Inc. was acquired by Google, Inc. It was the original creator of the android os. Android, Inc was founded in 2003 in California, USA by Andy Rubin, R. Miner, N. Sears and Chris.

Google distributes the Android code as open source, under the Apache License. Android has an ever growing developer community which is dedicated to developing android apps that extend the functionality of devices. Android apps are written on
Java Programming Language and distributed through Google Play Store or third-party sites.More than 700,000 apps are available for Android, and it is estimated that 25 billions android apps have been downloaded by mobile users worldwide. Android has a market share of 75%.


Below the chart depicting android version use as at 1 Nov 2012

android versions usage chart


Android popularity progression chart:

android progression chart