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Win8 has brought a paradigmn shift in the way Windows operating system works and it is far more touchscreen supportive for use on tablets as well as traditional personal computers. Win8 is the latest OS version release of the Windows operating system family. It is developed by Microsoft for use on personal computers (PCs), incl. home and business computers, notebooks, home-theater PCs and tablets. It is believed to be in direct competition with android operating systems in the tablet computers market segment. A competition which many analyst think will be tough for win8 but not impossible.

Development work on Win8 began in 2009 and was first officially announced by Microsoft in 2011, and It was officially released to partners on 1st August 2012 and made publicly available on 26 October 2012.

Win8 has brought considerable evolution to the flagship operating system's platform. It is geared towards improving the user experience on mobile devices such as tablet computers to compete other mobile operating systems such as Android and Apple iOS and supports new technologies like USB 3.0, UEFI firmware, near field communications, cloud computing and the power efficient ARM architecture as well as new security features. Windows 8 boast a shell and UI based on the Microsoft's "win8 Metro" design which provides a new user interface and start screen with configurable tiles to access application. This provide a touchscreen friendly approach for user interaction in win8 style.

We also see availability of the Windows Store aka win8 store where applications can be acquired and synchronised on multiple devices. Windows Store also make it simple for millions of customers to find, try, and buy app from practically anywhere in the world. The Win8 Store makes it easy for windows app developers to distribute, update, and get paid for the apps that they develop.



Microsoft Win8 Store:


Microsoft announced that more than 40 million licenses for win8 has been sold and 110 000 apps are expected to be available by January 2012 on Microsoft Store for this platform. Well this is another reason to go for it. Everyday many win8 apps are being released and more more win8 developers are getting into action to storm the win8 apps market.


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